Scholarship for the Forum Alpbach 2023
18th of August to 2nd of September


    I have never received a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach.I am attending the European Forum Alpbach for the first time.I have a connection to the state of Salzburg.I have also applied with other clubs/institutions for a scholarship for the European Forum Alpbach.

    UniversityEmployerSocial MediaFriends, colleagues or acquaintancesAlumniother

    1. What is your motivation to attend the European Forum Alpbach? (max 150 words)

    2. Tell us something about yourself that we cannot know from your CV (max 200 words)

    3. Explain your ideas and/or stance on one of the following topics (max 350 words):

    • Use of nuclear energy in the 21st century

    • Wealth tax

    • Obligation to vote vs. right to vote

    • Cultural appropriation vs. cultural appreciation

    We are looking forward to your application! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our scholarship team:

    ATTENTION: If you have not received a confirmation mail 7 days after your application or if there are technical difficulties in sending the application, please send a mail with all the information and documents listed above to this mail address: