Club Alpbach Salzburg

Club Alpbach Salzburg brings interested young people to the European Forum Alpbach and Alpbach’s discussion culture to Salzburg. Our goal is to bring young people from a wide variety of backgrounds to Alpbach and to enrich the exchange within Salzburg through new content and the interdisciplinary networking of interesting minds. We want to promote the idea and spirit of the European Forum Alpbach and make it accessible to as many people as possible. We want to create space for real dialogue in order to talk productively and freely about the problems of our time.

was the year the Club Alpbach Salzburg was founded.

scholarships have been funded so far.

Our values

It is important to us that all opinions are heard and discussed with respect and openness. We are always looking for new thoughts, different views, unfamiliar habits. We try to burst our own social and intellectual bubble again and again and pay attention to exactly this openness and diversity when selecting our fellows, speakers and content.

We want to create space for real dialogue. To speak fruitfully, freely, provocatively about the problems of our time. 

To get a glimpse of what we’ve been up to over the past year, here is our Annual report 2021/2022 for you to browse in.

The Executive Board

Tabea Hahn

Tabea Hahn


Jakob Frenkenberger

Jakob Frenkenberger

Vicepresident & Finances

Maria Schödl

Maria Schödl

Forum Alpbach Network & Events

Lorenz Ehrenfelder

Lorenz Ehrenfelder

Communications & Finances

Moritz Kubesch

Moritz Kubesch

Scholarship Holder Management

Florian Niederseer

Florian Niederseer

Visual Communication

Extended Board

Our club can only exist in this form and quality because, in addition to our elected executive board, active members actively help out in the various areas of responsibility and work together on topic-related tasks. The following members make our Extended Board complete and are largely responsible for our ability to act at the current level:

  • Martina Eder-Matieschek

  • Susanne Drexler

  • Stefanie Hauser

  • Peter Alexander Helpferer

  • Benjamin Laabmayr 


  • Prosper Tonderayi Mageza
  • Felix Oberhuber
  • Katharina Pritz
  • Leon Soyka
  • Maria-Sophia Stadler


Advisory Board

The executive board is supported by its experienced predecessors (in alphabetical order):

Julia Brugger
Asdin El Habassi
Markus Fuchsberger
Martina Geißler
Teresa Haider

Agnes Hamberger
Aurelia Kammerhofer
Carina Kobler
Thomas Lindner
Andreas Maierhofer
Veronika Möller
Franziska Mühlbacher
Manuel Mühlburger
Martin Murer
Nadine Sampl
Martin Tiefengrabner

Thank you very much for your active support!


At this point, we would like to express our particular gratitude for the work of our auditors Teresa Haider and Thomas Lindner for their work, which makes an important contribution to Club Alpbach Salzburg..